General Locksmiths

We offer all the normal services you would expect from a locksmith in the way of lock replacements and lock repairs.
We handle lockouts and emergency entry (proof of identity will be required).
We will assist with property repossession (dependent on proof of entitlement and court authority as necessary).

Yale Lock

Specialist Locksmiths

We are trained uPVC double glazing technicians, We repair vintage and antique locks.
We can replicate black iron keys (as found on ‘heritage’ buildings such as churches, chapels etc.)
We have access to a wide range of hard-to-find products that just might solve your problem. Please try us, we love a challenge!

Antique lock

Safe and Vault engineers

We offer a full service for safe and vault owners (including gun cabinets / gun safes) to maintain your equipment in a reliable and secure condition, including but not limited to;
Mechanical and digital combination changes, Key changes, Replacement key cutting and fitting, Preventive maintenance and periodic servicing.


Safe and Vault Brokers

We offer a full service, including site surveys where necessary, to ensure you are supplied with a security container matched to your needs and complying with all relevant insurance and safety standards. From a small domestic safe to complete commercial security installations, we will ensure you are provided with a full ‘turn-key’ solution wherever possible.

We offer all of these services to the general public, commercial, municipal and industrial customers.